Intelligent Messaging

LaborCall Request

LaborCall makes communication easy. We manage the mail server and text messaging services. All you do is schedule an employee to a position and LaborCall will ask if you would like to immediately send a confirmation request. You also have the option to schedule all employees on a project and send confirmation requests for everyone at the same time.


  • No need to maintain your own email server.
  • No need to purchase or maintain your own text messaging service.
  • No configuration required. (Employee profiles must include cell number and email address.)
  • No additional cost for messaging, it's included in the monthly service charge.

Each employee will receive their request and be directed to a web page containing the details of the assignment. From that page they can immediately confirm their availability or reject the request, automatically updating the assignment status in LaborCall. If the assignment was rejected, you are immediately notified so that you can fill the position with a new employee.

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Cloud Service

LaborCall Cloud

With LaborCall, all you need is a computer with internet service and Chrome or Safari browser software installed. Just log in and get to work. There is no hardware to purchase or software to install, and the system will always be available. You will never have to upgrade and you will not be asked to pay more as new features are rolled out.


  • Work from anywhere that you have an internet connection.
  • Multiple scheduling managers can work from different locations at the same time.
  • All data is automatically backed up several times each day.
  • Your connection to LaborCall is secured using commercial grade encryption.

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Flexible Workflow

LaborCall Flexible Workflow

LaborCall is designed and built to support your process so that scheduling managers will not need to adjust to the software or learn a new way of doing things. It is up to you if you want to create entire projects and then assign positions, or create and assign positions one at a time. Send a confirmation request as you make each assignment or fill the entire project and then send all messages at once, the choice is yours.


  • Different managers can complete different portions of the project scheduling process.
  • Managers can work collaboratively to create and fill positions.
  • Keep track of offline communication such as phone calls and in-person conversations.
  • Update any portion of a project at any point as changes are required.

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Savings - Time

Less Time

In LaborCall, you see where all your employees are currently and where they are scheduled to be in the future. As you are scheduling, you will not need to manually contact employees to ask their availability. If an employee indicates they are unavailable for a job, LaborCall keeps track so that they are not contacted again in the future about the same position by a different scheduling manager.

Savings - Money

Save Money

LaborCall introduces scalable cost based on the number of employees you schedule each month. When you have a slow month, LaborCall automatically adjusts your monthly service charge. There are no additional charges for premium features, upgrades, or support. There are no additional fees for messaging or data back-up. Everything is included, whether you manage ten employees or ten thousand.

Savings - Stress

Reduce Stress

Scheduling can be stressful when those last minute changes take place. An additional employee is needed, someone gets sick, or your client sends an urgent request at 4pm on a Friday. LaborCall makes it easy to handle each of these situations because you have all the information about your ongoing projects and employee schedules available in one place and accessible at all times from any location.